Thursday, April 19, 2007

You can bet I'll be doing some book
shopping on May 15th!!

Pope's Book A Hit On First Day

"Pope Benedict XVI's new book sold more than 50,000 copies on its first day on sale Monday - the pontiff's 80th birthday - said the Italian publisher Rizzoli, which has decided on another printing. Rizzoli said yesterday the new edition would bring the printing to 420,000 copies. The 448-page book was published in German, Italian and Polish. An English-language edition is due on May 15 and translations are planned for 16 other languages."

from The Guardian (UK)


trailbee said...

Rizzoli published Oriana Fallaci's books.

AnnieElf said...

Yes, and as I recall, she willed quite a lot of her work to the Vatican Library. This was surprising to many as she did not have an easy relationship with the Church. Don't remember the details beyond this though. Do you?

AnnieElf said...
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