Thursday, July 27, 2006

From Follow the Faith by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. in Columbia July 2006, page 21

As Pope Benedict told young people in World Youth Day last August in Cologne, German:
"Many of the ideas put forward by modern society have led nowhere and many young people have ended up mired in alcohol and drugs or in the clutches of extremist groups."

There comes a time in everyone's life when the question must be asked; Do I believe that human beings have a special dignity and worth and I should live my life accordingly? More simply, do I wish to live as a human being or as a beast? The time has come to choose....

If you believe there is a purpose to your life, then gather the courage to take on the most truly countercultural task you can imagine and embrace your Catholic faith with all the energy you can muster. That, you can be assured, is a decision you will never regret.


trailbee said...

Good morning, Annie! :) Knew there was too much being stuffed in your duffle-bag not to have it itch and pop out at the seams. Hope things are brighter this morning. I'm going to write my niece and ask her to look in here. I think she'll be quite interested. Hugs. Biene

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