Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For years, I've been comfortable with my beliefs regarding evolution. Rather than sit on the fence or take sides, I took both sides. It made no sense to me that God would not have a true hand in creation. It made less than no sense to deny the science of how our world came to be and developed (or evolved if you will). I raised my children with the notion that God's hand was at work and he was very busy playing a very complex game of creation. If one is going to deny tht God had a hand in the creation of our world, than one might as well deny God existance.

Now, this week, it seems that there will be a meeting or meetings to solidify the Church's position on evolution and the merits of Intelligent Design. I hope the outcome does not put me at odds with greater minds than I because I really want my science and my religious beliefs. I won't let go of the harmonious blending of faith and science easily because we really should not be underrating God. After all, he is capable of anything.




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