Thursday, August 03, 2006

I was writing to Tara this morning in response to her comment at my other blog. Writing to her started to help me more fully formulate why I started this blog.

Benedict fascinates me. Much as I liked JPII, I find that when I read Benedict I hear him echoing some of my private thoughts that I've never been able to easily articulate; for example - religion should not be political. Faith is inspirational; it should be a guidepost for living. With inspiration comes good politics. Just that simple but also just that complicated.

For now, I'm just posting things that strike a strong note of recognition within me. This is such a freshman effort that I find myself responding to his writings at a really gut level but I still need to grow in discussion.

I can thank my son,
Quanah, for this. His three years at Franciscan University have had a surprising effect on me and my own point of view. I suppose it has been a sort of vicarious education for me. He's done all the work but I've absorbed quite a lot of what he has been studying.


mikim said...

This is wonderful, and already bookmarked. Very exciting to read this, especially as I enter my own studies in religion. I'm certain I'll learn quite a lot from this blog. Thank you, Anne

Autrice DelDrago said...

I like the sporty template change. :)