Sunday, November 26, 2006

And So It Begins.

25,000 protest pope's visit to Turkey
From Yahoo News Service

More than 25,000 people joined demonstrations Sunday against Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit, police said.

The demonstration was the largest anti-pope protest so far ahead of Benedict's arrival Tuesday for a four-day visit, his first as pope to a predominantly Muslim country. Some 4,000 police backed by riot trucks, armored vehicles and helicopters monitored the protest as the crowds grew.

The protest was organized by a pro-Islamic political party called Felicity whose leaders have said they were offended by Benedict's comments in September linking violence and Islam.
Benedict has expressed regret for offending Muslims by his remarks and said they did not reflect his personal views.

The protesters shouted "God is great" in Arabic and carried posters asking the pope not to come to Turkey. They also draped signs on the way from the Istanbul airport.

Benedict has few fans in Turkey, which is hoping to become the first predominantly Muslim member of the European Union. The pope has previously spoken out against Turkey's EU bid, and has called for a return to fundamental Christian values in Europe.

His trip to Turkey will be his first official visit to a Muslim country.

Benedict is scheduled to stay for four days. He will meet the Istanbul-based leader of the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians, Patriarch Bartholomew I.

On Sunday, Benedict expressed his "feelings of esteem and of sincere friendship" for Turks and their leaders.


pinar said...

this is a small political party who tried to attract attention.. and they were waiting for 2.000.000 to come to this meeting..
the crowd was much more calmer then the leader shouting.. and trying to take advantage =))
crazy people..
turkish people is more thoughtful that these fanatics are thinking.. what they did was to block the traffic in this part of the city..and angering all of us..=))

pinar said...

the EU part is getting less important you know.. on public basis..
the rate of those ho wanted to join the EU is less now then two yrs ago..from 60% to 40% approximately..
but the Pope is having a calm trip.. and do you know that he started and ended his speech at Meryem Ana.. in turkish.. and today he goes to Hagia Sophia.. museum.. and to Sultanahmet Mosque.. ( which was added to his program lately..) hope all goes for the best.. and these thousand years's old places keep their peaceful effect on all

all the world needs is love and understanding..It has seen too many tears and sorrows due to mental rigidity I hope it gets it from all wise man..

AnnieElf said...

Pinar, I deeply appreciate your visits here. You are a voice of calm and reason. And your word about the value of love are a complete reflection of Jesus' message to us.