Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pope's Mass Rethink
By TJ Reporter - Wednesday 23rd January 2008

The Pope has backed calls to modify a controversial Good Friday prayer calling for Jews to convert.

Pope Benedict XV1 allowed wider use of a traditional version of The Latin Mass last year which calls for Jews to “take the veil from their hearts” and be “delivered from their darkness”.

The controversial lines were dropped as part of a move to improve relations between Catholics and Jews in 1965 but were reintroduced by the Vatican last July to create greater unity within the Church and with conservative bishops.

The Pope is expected to announce changes on Good Friday, the Il Giornale newspaper reported.

The American Jewish Committee welcomed the reports. Rabbi David Rosen, AJC's international director of interreligious affairs, said: “As we declared at the time, it is obvious to all who are aware of Pope Benedict’s commitment to Catholic-Jewish reconciliation that the extension of the use of the Latin liturgy had nothing to do with the old Easter prayer and we are grateful that our call for clarification is being responded to by the Pope himself.”

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trailbee said...

I'm here.Have been for all these posts.I'm reading. I'm thinking, wondering how this will affect other issues, once he sets a precedent for change.Time will tell.I find it interesting.