Saturday, February 21, 2009

Excommunication and Nancy Pelosi

The whole world knows by now of Nancy Pelosi's private visit with Holy Father. And as usual, the subject of excommunication came up in the media and the cyberworld at large. Too many people have the wrong idea about WHO does the excommunicating; whose responsibitiy and authority it is to excommunicate.

A recent email from a friend provided the following points below to counter the opinion-making that is going around.

1) It is not the Pope's job to excommunicate Pelosi; it is the responsibility of HER local bishop. If he has not done this then I sincerely hope that he will soon. In regards, to other bishops it is their responsibility to catechise the people in their dioceses concerning this issue and to not admit her to communion if she happens to travel there.

2) The Vatican issued a press release saying what the Pope told Pelosi. It is quite clear that the Pope made sure to let her know in no uncertain terms that her interpretation of Church teaching concerning abortion and other life issues is absolutely wrong.

3) When Pelosi spoke out in August concerning the Church's teaching on abortion she was publicly corrected by many of the US bishops.

There is no cause for confusion here in regards to the statements given by the Pope and bishops here in the USA. Those Catholics who are confused about this issue are confused because they are not well catechised and do not have a good and right understanding of the Church and her teachings. And that is a separate issue; one which I work very hard to correct.

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