Monday, April 27, 2009

The isn't political; this is what is right

Pope’s Peace Preaching Plans Turn Political

Next month's visit to Israel by Pope Benedict XVI is becoming more political with the announcement by the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem that he will preach at an Arab village of descendants of former Arab Israelis. The pope’s message at the Al–Aida village near Bethlehem will symbolize the Arab claim of the “right of return,” according to the patriarch, Fuad Twal.

Israel already has told the Vatican that it does not want any pictures of the pope touring the separation barrier, which many foreign media refer to as the “Apartheid Wall.” Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov also has protested to the Vatican's plan for the pope to visit the Galilee city of Sakhnin, whose mayor led anti-Israel demonstrations during the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign earlier this year.


. said...

May God go with him and give him strength. Whatever he will do will be good in the eyes of some and bad in the eyes of other people.

Kay said...

I always find it odd when people try to separate the Pope from his politics... he is a very powerful political figure, people need to accept that.

Annie said...

Thank you for your comment, Kay. I really appreciate your visit.

Yes, he is a political figure but the Pope always speaks from a spiritual point of view. Certainly there is cross-over because humanity, politics and things of the spirit are always intertwined. I always try to remember who he is as a speaker and what he represents. Holy Father embraces the entire world in his statements and actions. Politicians only speak as to how something directly effect their own nation.