Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cafeteria Catholics: the results of my Pope Benedict survey

Cafeteria Catholics: the results of my Pope Benedict survey

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As usual, I am out of step with not only society at large, but many of my Catholic brethren as well. Holy Father said somewhere along the line that we may get smaller to remain strong. I think he is no doubt correct.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Hi Annie, I have seen similar polls.

Sadly, much of this has to do with the USCCB. I remember during the '80's how they just railed against Reagan and our needed military build-up, even though William Casey, amongst others, was coordinating with Pope John Paul II behind the scened in Poland and Eastern Europe to bring down those commie bastards!

Take care...

...mmm... said...

I am not Catholic but I admire how the church and the Pope in particular stay true to their principles. I don;t get how Catholics can pick and choose what to follow if the POPE is truly THE vicar of christ.

Annie said...

Hi again, mmm. I appreciate your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by here. Sadly, many Catholics deserve the lower case "c" in that word. The Church makes no secret of its position and I personally find many of the catholics in powerful political positions in this country just a complete embarrassment.

...mmm... said...

Mmm...good points. I often feel I am far more "catholic" than many of them too.

I remember asking my mother in law what made her Catholic as she believed in far less of the church's view points than I did. I suggested she was merely "culturally" Catholic to which she was aghast, insisting she was Catholic to her very bones. I don't know, I can call myself Buddhist but it doesnt; amke me one simply becasue I adhere to some "zennisms!!

Anyway, i do admire the Catholic church as she is today so much. I admire all that Catholic priests have to contend with being unfairly labeled as pedophiles because of a few bad/evil eggs. I also notice jsut how much anti christian, but especially anti-Catholic bias there is in media. It makes me sick at the almost celebrated prejudice.