Saturday, September 05, 2009

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Pope sees St. Augustine as bridge between Eastern, Western churches

In a message to an ecumenical conference taking place in Rome this week, Pope Benedict XVI remarked that the study of St. Augustine's works could be an important route to reunion between Eastern and Western Christianity. The Pontiff noted that St. Augustine is one of the most important intellectual founders of the European Christian tradition, but "the reception of his ideas in Orthodox theology has proved to be somewhat problematic." If Eastern theologians come to a better understanding of St. Augustine's work, he said, the result could be the discovery of "common doctrinal and spiritual ground which may help to build the City of God."

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St. Augustine in Eastern and Western tradition (VIS

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Carlos Echevarria said...

This, the Ravenna conference, the recent election in Moscow of the new Orthodox patriarch are all positive signs.

You better than me know that the present Holy Father has it as one of his personal missions to bring as much as Christendom, as possible closer to the authority or guidance of Rome....