Thursday, December 31, 2009

US Postal Service honors Mother Teresa with stamp

Now THIS is someone worthy of a Noble Peace Prize.

US Postal Service honors Mother Teresa with stamp


trailbee said...

This is nice.

Felisol said...

Dear Annie,
Mother Theresa has done more for the church than few others I know of.
Everybody must admire her.
I still remember her Nobel Peace Price speech.
She was tough that little lady and straightforwards.
Amongst other she said, we in the west were often poorer than people living in the Bombay slums. We were so focused on material things that we had no heart for human beings.
The result would be emptiness and loneliness.
That is just what I saw during my professional carrier. Parents sending away their not perfect children, later on aborting children with Down's syndrome.

I think Mother Theresa won respect not only because of her formidable work in the Bombay slum, but also because she was burning engaged in everything concerning ethics and morals everywhere on our tormented world.

For the sake of our common future I do hope that your president will prove worthy of his price too,- in due time.

I never understood why Pope John Paul II did not get the price. Then maybe he was considered to be above such prices.
I think he managed to change more also in the political world than any army.
He also was so engaged and brave.
I guess he also won sympathy for the church in the secular and non Catholic Church in way that cannot be measured.

The fact that Us Postal Service honors Mother Theresa in return honors the US as a country, don't you think?

Our "freedom poet" Henrik Wergeland, born in 1808, siad "Under the starry sky, do not complain of lack of bright spots in your life."

I think we are going to find lots of light and brightness this year.

Mother Theresa was a promising start.
From Felisol
BTW We do have blue light in wintertime in Norway. One hour before sunrise and one hour before sunset. Best viewed when the sky is clear.
Even better when the snow is reflecting the light.

PS 2 Thanks for those wonderful words you left on my blog the other day. They were most undeserved. Made me happy anyway. Especially because I respect and admire you both as a human and as an artist.