Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Absence of God Leads Nowhere

This story was originally posted on a political blog I keep that follows the activities of the Tea Party Patriots in my area. I felt it was appropriate to place here as it is very clear that where there is an absence of the presence of God, there is no future.

Arkady Faktorovich immigrated here from the Ukraine over 30 years ago. A former Lt. in the Russian Army, an engineer by training and vocation, and a Jew, he has a very particular point of view that we should not dismiss. In short, Mr. Faktorovich sees our country now going in the same direction from what he, himself, fled from decades ago.

Arkady Faktorovich of Los Banos, CA via a circuitous route that started from the Ukraine 30 plus years ago, visited us again for the May 12th general meeting. This time he spoke to us of Russian history. It was the first presentation ever he did on this particular topic and included information that up until 3 years ago, had not be declassified by the Russian government.

Arkady's presentation was sequential, starting from Alexander II and continued to the current time of Vladimir Putin. His purpose tonight was to illustrate how the Russian people, through their history, had never had a hunger for freedom fostered by their leadership. Alexander II was assassinated two days before he would have signed a democratic constitution so, in light of their history from 1881 onward, it would be an interesting "what-if" question to speculate upon of what the history of Russia might have evolved into had he NOT been assassinated. But, he was so it's only speculation.

Arkady has the basis for a good and very readable book on Russian history. I see it as shaping into four parts - 1.) the time of Alexander II through Nicholas II and the destruction of the Romanov family; 2.) the Middle Era of the early days of the revolution; 3.) the Modern Era from the Cold War to the early days of perestroika, and; 4.) the present day. Broken into distinct parts, it is clear where the commonalities lie in the thoughts and actions of the major players involved in each era. The differences, though also distinctive, were over-ridden in the quest for power and dominance. As each period broken down, it was the quest for power at the expense of the country itself, that moved each period to a fall and the building of the next. At no time were the Russian people filled with the hunger for freedom. Why? Because they didn't know what it felt like. It was not in their national psyche nor in their gut. Interestingly, because of the over 200 ethnic groups in the old USSR, the changes were more one of a move towards nationalism and the retreat from the centralized rulership of Russia.

Arkady Faktorovch sees many similarities between 20th century Russian history and the the political direction our country is taking in the 21st century. He will return on May 26th to speak about the Federal Reserve and money in this country. And, as anyone will understand, where you have the quest for control of money, you have the quest for power.


Steve E said...

Annie, this post is another which certifies--to me--that you must continue to get out these words, these links. They are of God-fearing Peeps (I don't mean "afraid-of-God"--grin!!)

Thank you again for your dedication. I do not know how many Peeps read this blog, but would hope the number is far greater than those who comment!

Do you count 'visitors'?

Blessing be on you and yours!!!
From "Not-a-saint" (but working at it!) Steve E!!!!!

Carlos Echevarria said...

My comment did not go through???

Annie said...

Apparently not, Carlos. Sorry. Hope you can reconstruct it.

trailbee said...

When Karl Marx first planned on bringing Socialism to Russia, his intent was to do it slowly, for a specific reason: his goal being classlessness, if that's a real word, but also based on political and religious histories in France, Germany and England. He felt that Russia, not having had the same evolution as these countries, over the past 500 years, would not be ready for Socialism the way he foresaw it.
Your speaker, AK, (I hope you don't mind if I abbreviate his name) was correct, in that Russians, per se, would not even understand what freedom was about, never having experienced it. They were like lambs led to the slaughter in the Revolution by Lenin and his ilk.
There is also a resemblance to us in one other matter, in that we have never been attacked on our own soil before, which left us confused and very uncomfortable. In the Russian situation, it was their Monarchy and peasant life which brought on the revolution. In our case, it was our freedom and lifestyle which sparked anger and jealousy and brought attack.
We currently have a President who is not American, who basically does not know who he is. His loyalty is not to us, but to his dead father and the Socialist lessons drummed into his head, along with Muslim religious ideas. This President has no real Christian religious convictions, even though he spent time in radical churches, thus doesn't know what to think, or do, except in the short term.
Because of who we are as a nation, the President hates us, as we believe in personal liberty, which is the exact opposite of Socialism. He is trying to force this out of us, and will do anything to accomplish that goal. You have watched, as have I, what he has done to our economy and what he has set in motion for our national security.
The problem is that Americans cannot, or will not, believe what they are seeing, nor what he foretold before his election! They will not believe, therefore, signing our national death warrant, by not taking this man seriously.
Look at the Manifesto by Karl Marx and see what is changing in America. Read it.
Between the Muslim invasion and Obama's hatred we, as a nation, are sitting ducks, well, more like lambs led to their slaughter.
I know this really sounds awful, but AK is probably a good person to bring you his take on Russia and what might/will happen here.
Can we, as a nation, survive?
Soap-box time, Anne. Thanks. :)

Annie said...

Holy cow, Biene. You have encapsulated three years of conversation in one comment. Can't wait to see you for coffee Tuesday. AK really knows his history and I must admit, I've never read the Communist Manifesto. It's on my list. I think I better move it closer to the top.

Autrice said...

I simply don't like Obama's policies. I'm not very impressed with anything the GOP has in the wings, either.

Ginny said...

Good grief, this is an interesting new thought to me, that freedom is not really inborn and instinctive! You find the most intellectually stimulating topics!! Well, I guess the Russian revolution wasn't really about freedom, when they killed the Czar and his family?