Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Knew it Would Be hard but . . .

I knew it would get progressively harder to be a faithful Catholic, not to say that it would be too hard to remain Catholic, but, to keep up the strength to stay on my feet.  Between the "entertainment" industry and what passes for government these days in our country, it's amazing we Catholics don't get knocked out for the count.  Oh, but wait!  This is the era of tolerance and respect.  We all have a right to live our lives openly and freely without criticism or mockery or violence done upon us.  Uhuh. 

That is, unless you are Catholic.  How embarrassing for Mr. Obama that his little assault of religious freedom backfired.  Nothing like an irreligious President to united Catholics in a way that no Catholic leader in recent memory has been able to.  We may fight amongst ourselves but you were not invited to the fight and except for your lackeys, we, as a united group along with our religious brethren, are turning against you. 

And Nicki, Nicki . . . you may have found the front seat howlers at the Grammy's reassuring but have you read or listened to the news since Sunday?  I predict you are going to have a career crisis very soon.  A little personal reflection might be helpful to you eventually.  In fact, to the industry at large - are you paying attention?  Buying records and going to movies is optional.

Yeah, I knew it would be hard to continue being a faithful Catholic, but, you know what?  I'm up for the fight.  Bring it on.


Lotus said...

Tell it Annie!

TheRosaryLady said...

Well said Annie.